“At What Age Does ‘Aging-In-Place’ Begin?”

Ever wonder when “aging in place” or an aging in place emphasis actually begins. Is there a certain age for people when thoughts of aging in place become more important than at an earlier time in their lives? Is there something that needs to happen first? The interesting thing about aging in place is that… Read more »

“Two-Day Universal Design Course Teaches The Basics Of Effective Layouts”

The first Universal Design/Build course of 2016, offered through the NAHB’s University of Housing, is scheduled for tomorrow and Friday in West Palm Beach. This two-day course is being offered several others times this year as well. Check the schedule to see future dates. This course complements the coursework and designation program of the “CAPS” (Certified Aging… Read more »

“Thinking Outside The Box For Creative Aging-In-Place Solutions”

We’ve all heard the expression “thinking outside-the-box.” In fact, we’ve probably used it a time or two when making a presentation or brainstorming ideas. It is used quite often in planning sessions – some would argue that it’s used too often without a lot of meaning behind it. All that said, there is a real… Read more »

“A Chain Is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link …”

We’ve heard it said, and likely had it conveyed to us by parents, teachers, coaches, or mentors along the way, that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This means that you can have a simple chain for attaching a pendant or medallion around your neck as a piece of jewelry or… Read more »

“What Makes Us So Special Or Separates Us From Our Competition?”

One of the things about being in business, regardless of the nature of that business, is that sooner or later we will have competition. We might have created or discovered a rather unique way of addressing what people want by offering a product or service that is largely unknown in the marketplace. Occasionally, no one… Read more »

“Is A Home Show Display In Your Future?”

We all need new customers, and in doing that, we need for people to understand what products and services we provide. There are many ways that can happen such as having a store front location in a heavily trafficked area, an infomercial, a large display ad in a widely circulated paper or magazine, a highly… Read more »

“Is Building With Universal Design More Expensive?”

A question I sometimes get from home builders and general contractors concerning universal design is whether building with or including universal design features in a home is going to cost more than building in more traditional ways. They have heard that it does or think this must be the case. There are so many variables… Read more »

“Heading ‘Home’ Has Such A Nice Sound To It”

After spending the past 6 days in Las Vegas at the International Business Show (“IBS”) and “Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (“KBIS”), it is great to be home again. Traveling is fun – renewing acquaintances, visiting family, touring sites, exploring new places, attending educational classes, seeing new products, returning to our childhood hometown, taking photos,… Read more »

“A Referral Is A Reward For Good Service”

When we meet a potential customer or client and treat them well, when we actually make a sale and perform the contracted service well, or just when we engage someone we know personally, we have the opportunity to generate a referral for our business. Referrals aren’t automatic when we do a good job, and some… Read more »