“No Time To Be Less Than Our Best – There’s Always Somebody Watching Us & Our Work”

In the movie, “Ocean’s Eleven” (with George Clooney, not the original with Frank Sinatra) Julia Robert’s character walks out on her casino-owner boyfriend Terry Benedict by reminding him that “there’s always someone watching” – referring to the many surveillance cameras deployed throughout the property. This is also good to remember when we are doing aging in… Read more »

“Unpacking The ‘Universal’ Part of Universal Design”

When it comes to using our homes and living spaces comfortably, safely, and conveniently, there are many products in the market that will work for most anyone without regard to gender, age, physical size, education, or ability. There are even more that we can create through various solutions, installations, and adaptations as well as several “hacks”… Read more »

“For AIP Success, Collaborating With An OT Makes Sense”

In the world of professional sales, there’s a concept known as the “T/O” or “turn-over” in which the salesperson attempting to make the sale hands the process of to a more senior salesperson or their sales manager. When a potential sale is almost made but needs a little more help or a more experienced person to… Read more »