“We Can Help Avert Falls Through Our Aging In Place Design Solutions”

Kind of like bookends to the warm. outdoor-living and activity summer months, the months of June (the current month) and September focus on huge safety issues for everyone. June is celebrated at “Home SafetyMonth,” and September is observed as “Falls Prevention Month.” The common denominators here are twofold: (1) safety – keeping people safe, especially from… Read more »

“Let’s Be Careful Not To Overthink Aging In Place Designs”

In our role as aging in place professionals – as remodelers, designers, occupational therapists, architects, consultants, equipment specialists, or so many other professionals that may contribute significantly to creating appropriate aging in place solutions for our clients – we have many choices in design, materials, scope, and budget. Some designs are going to be simple and straightforward,… Read more »

“National Home Safety Month Emphasis For Aging In Place”

June is “National Home Safety Month” and more broadly “National Safety Month.” Either way, our concern is for keeping each other safe as we remain in our homes and age in place successfully. While we may not be able to have a large influence on what people experience outside their homes in terms of personal safety and… Read more »

“On Age, Aging & Aging In Place”

As we go through life, there are many milestones, benchmarks, and important events that we look forward to attaining or accomplishing or to timestamp them as to when they occurred, and the easiest way to do this is with our chronological age or a coming birthday. When we are children, we look forward to starting school, being able… Read more »