“The Client Interview Needs To Be Taken Seriously”

As aging in place professionals who advise clients on improvements that can be made to their homes to help them have an easier time of remaining in those homes or who actually create those improvements for them, we can’t do it in a vacuum. We have to have a lot of input from them. Otherwise,… Read more »

“Email Communication Is Not The Same As The Spoken Word”

Many of us communicate with each other and with our clients through email or text messages. Mostly this is good except there are some potential breakdowns in communication that can occur. We need to remember that any type of communication in order to be effective has three main parts: (1) sharing of a message by the sender,… Read more »

“Being Deliberate Is A Great Way To Remain Safe”

As we work with our aging in place clients, and as we go about our daily activities ourselves, preventing falls and injuries is a top priority. No one wants to deal with the dramatic impact of an injury – from an unexpected cut, fall, or bruise to a life-changing event that may land them in the emergency room…. Read more »