“Value Is Relative And Subjective, So Let’s Appeal To That”

In building a business – particularly one where construction, remodeling, or renovation is involved – appealing to the customer’s sense of making our proposal worth their while and therefore justifiable in terms of the investment they need to make to achieve what we are proposing with them, price, quality, and value are important points of… Read more »

“Spelling And Punctuation Matters On Web Addresses”

In an age of texting and instant messaging, many of have gotten into the habit of using shortcuts or abbreviations for common words or expressions – btw (by the way), lol (laughing out loud), omt (one more thing), and so many others. This makes it harder to notice when we have inadvertently misspelled (notice the… Read more »

“Celebrating Independence – In More Ways Than One”

Happy Independence Day – July 4th! We have much to celebrate. Interestingly, embodied in the Declaration of Independence which we observe and celebrate on this day are those three magic phrases that echo among us down through the ages – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Look at how what we do for aging-in-place… Read more »

“Use The Season To Its Full Advantage”

We are right in the middle of summer – school is out, family vacations are happening (or soon will be), and football season is getting closer. So, at this time of year, we can see many people wearing the tee-shirt, cap, or jacket of their favorite college or pro football team – in anticipation of… Read more »

“Priorities Are As Different As The People They Are For”

We talk about priorities and the need to prioritize what needs to be done when suggesting and then getting ready to make aging-in-place improvements. Not everything that needs to be done in one home has the same level of importance or urgency. Some are of a more critical nature and some are farther down on… Read more »

“Low Bids Might Seem Like A Good Idea, But Think Again”

Regardless of how long we have been in business, we must attract new clients to stay in business and provide a service to our target audience. When we are just getting started in business – whether it’s creating renovation solutions, or offering consultation or assessment programs – identifying and acquiring clients is huge.  So, how… Read more »

“When You Don’t See Yourself As A Salesperson …”

As an aging in place provider, we might be an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a designer, an architect, a durable medical equipment supplier or installer, a flooring contractor, a painter, a kitchen and bath specialist, a professor (OT, PT, or design, for instance), a non-profit agency, or represent many other professions. What we may… Read more »

“Learn To Recognize The Stall For What It Is”

At some point, everyone is a salesperson. We may have that title on our business card, or we may perform some other function (such as an occupational therapist, physical therapist, designer, or architect) where we really don’t think of ourselves as salespeople.  Nevertheless, we are interacting with our potential customers and clients and trying to… Read more »

“A Proper Email Address Is An Important Part Of Our Overall Brand”

We work hard to create and maintain our personal brand so that people will want to contact and do business with us. We want them to ask us to renovate their homes for them so they can remain living in them successfully as they age over time, and we look forward to being used for… Read more »

“Have You Considered Becoming a Remodeler?”

Not every handyman, home builder, or do-it-yourselfer can turn to remodeling as a profession, but for those who want to become remodelers, it can be very rewarding. First, there is the opportunity to help people convert or renovate their existing living space into something more functional for them. Second, there is the ability to help… Read more »