“Warranties Relate Directly To Trust And Believability”

Warranties are not what they used to be. At one time, a company would guarantee that their product would perform for as long as a person owned it. They would essentially stand behind their workmanship. Occasionally, the product would be replaced. This, in turn, built immeasurable amounts of customer and brand loyalty. Then, along the… Read more »

“The Kitchen Presents So Many Safety Related Challenges”

Families around the world – not just in America or Canada – spend a lot of their at-home waking hours in the kitchen. It is where meals are prepared and served. Many people eat or snack there. Neighbors are entertained there, and many a sales presentation has occurred at the kitchen table. In short, it… Read more »

“Deconstructing A Vision To Discover And Fix Weaknesses”

You might be a fan of some of the cooking shows on various food networks. If not, perhaps you have seen such shows. A common dish is something called “deconstructed” where they take something like a sandwich and separate all of the parts and showcase them that way – the bread, the sauce, the meat,… Read more »

“Trends That May Not Be So Desirable For AIP Solutions”

If we admit to following trends – or at least being aware of them – in fashion, home furnishings, footwear, cars, colors, design, appliances, or other areas – some that we notice might make sense while others leave us wondering who might have thought this was a good idea. How can it be a trend… Read more »

“Lots Of Practice Doesn’t Always Make Us Good”

Since childhood, most of us have been told about the importance of practice and how if we ever wanted to get good at something we needed to practice it. Maybe it was a musical instrument like the trumpet, piano or keyboard, of the guitar. Maybe we wanted to lift weights, hit a baseball well, run… Read more »

“Why Universal Design In The Kitchen Is Appropriately Considered”

Universal Design is a great concept. It means that essentially anyone – whether seated or standing erect, with full range of motion or a more limited one – can function well within a home and utilize the appliances, furnishings, controls, and other items placed or installed there for general comfort and convenience. Possibly no more… Read more »

“Another Successful Universal Design/Build Class Held In Lecanto, Florida”

Another “Universal Design/Build class instructed by Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, was just held at the Citrus County Builders Association in Lecanto, Florida. Several such classes have already been offered this year, and many more are scheduled. This 2-day course is a great complement to the Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (“CAPS”) designation program, and it satisfies the 12-hour… Read more »

“Safety Remains The Number One Reason For Doing AIP Home Modifications”

People remodel their homes on their own for a number of reasons, such as improving the appearance or making things easier to use in their home. When people contact us to help them with their projects, however, enhancing their personal safety in the home beomes the main focus – especially when it involves aging in… Read more »

“What If Someone Only Wants To Do A Few Aging-In-Place Improvements?”

When we, as aging in place professionals, meet with a potential client that only wants to take a limited approach to renovating their home, what should be our response? The simple answer is that a few improvements are better than no improvements. However, it greatly depends on what those specific improvements are and who in… Read more »

“To Start Or Grow An AIP Business, We Need A Vision”

For those aging in place professionals who took the CAPS training with the aim of starting their own consulting, modifications, or assessments business – or some other activity they have identified and feel strongly about – the thought process and planning to launch that business needs to begin with a vision. The same is true… Read more »