“Realtors Can Play A Huge Part In Aging-In-Place Considerations”

When people shop for a new home (newer than they have now but not necessarily new construction), they can look on their own or use the services of a real estate sales professional – typically a Realtor. The Realtor will help them locate, see, experience, and select a home that meets their expressed needs and… Read more »

“Look Past The ‘Official’ Job Or Position, We’re All In Sales”

We all have different jobs to perform – some are in service, some in administration, some in construction – but everyone is in sales whether they realize it or not. If we did a survey, we might find that many people abhor the idea of selling and would never consider themselves salespeople – and yet… Read more »

“Giving Ourselves A Fighting Chance As We Age-In-Place”

Aging in place strategies and solutions have many purposes. One of them is to give us and our clients a fighting chance to deal well with our homes as we continue to get older. Often people move into their forever home – whether they actually realize that it is their long-term home or not at… Read more »

“Solving Tomorrow’s Concerns Today With Universal Design”

There is a tendency with many people to focus on the moment and not be that concerned about what the future may bring.  In terms of their homes, people look at what they can do now and not what they may not be able to do later or how their physical activities might be limited… Read more »

“Think Outside The Box For Aging-In-Place – The ADU, For Instance”

We have heard that term “thinking outside the box” for years – so much so that it likely has lost a lot of its initial impact as a way of suggesting that we shouldn’t be so limited to traditional approaches of solving or investigating issues. When it comes to housing, and specifically aging-in-place, we literally… Read more »

“People Can Plan For Aging-In-Place, But They Can’t Purchase It”

There is a fairly common misconception that people can purchase or acquire an aging in place home now that will serve them in future years. Actually, part of this might be true, but it is a juxtaposition of concepts. A home that someone purchases today – new construction or existing – may well serve them… Read more »