“Personal Safety Is A Concern That Needs To Be Considered”

One of the challenges we face in doing home renovations and remodeling – particularly for aging in place solutions and with older clients – is their concern for their personal safety. We need to be aware of this and come prepared to the initial meeting to reassure them that we have taken extra steps to… Read more »

“Sometimes Things Just Show Up At Your Door”

Opportunities come in many sizes – some big, some little, some in-between. Some are new business directions – good or not, and some are new ways to promote your business or generate new leads.This falls into the category of business promotion and marketing. I was not expecting this, and I did not seek it out… Read more »

“The One Essential Tool We Can’t Afford To Be Missing”

As contractors, renovators, remodelers, and handymen, tools are commonplace. They are how we create solutions and deliver them to our aging-in-place clients. Most professions have tools of one kind or another, but tools for construction, maintenance, and repair are quite well known. In fact, many people have a hammer, saw, screwdriver, pliers, or wrench –… Read more »

“Are You Prepared To Introduce Yourself To Others?”

If we are going to be serious about helping people remodel, renovate, adapt, or otherwise improve the safety and other aspects of their home (access or convenience, for instance), we are also going to need to get serious about reaching out to people to introduce ourselves and what we do.  These can be people that… Read more »

“When Opportunity Knocks, Be Careful About Opening The Door”

We hear a lot about being ready for opportunities when they knock on our door . In fact, may comedians have made this the subject of one-liners over the years – stressing that a person needs to be ready for an opportunity when it presents itself so they an take advantage of it. It may… Read more »

“Universal Design Doesn’t Need To Be An ‘All Or Nothing’ Approach”

In our exuberance to get people to employ universal design concepts in their homes, whether it’s new construction or the remodeling or existing homes, we tend to want a near-complete list of features utilized. Actually, there are some features that aren’t appropriate for every home because some only apply to multi-story homes and others are… Read more »

“The Importance Of The Phone Number – Try Calling Or Texting Without It”

In sales, everything revolves around the contact. We want people to know who we are and then to reach out to us when they want what we provide. Conversely, we want to be able to contact people whom we’ve met through various ways.  All that said, the most important piece of contact information that any… Read more »

“Consider Just How Much More Business You Need”

At the beginning of the year, every business has their sights set on a revenue projection that they have made for the balance of the year. Sometimes it’s based on a careful calculation of what is needed to pay all of its expenses and make a reasonable profit. Sometimes, it’s just a dollar (or some… Read more »

“Take Advantage Of The Springtime Energy”

While there’s never a shortage of people wanting to renovate their homes to reconfigure the space, update appliances or finishes, install a new floor, change out the lighting, redo their bathroom, or so many other items that we routinely do as part of our aging in place services, there are certain times of the year… Read more »