“Is There Or Should There Be A New Home On The Horizon?”

As people move through life, they usually have more than one home that they live in. It could be a rental apartment, or they could own a home. It might be a new home, it might be one that was owned previously. There could be a mix of those, and there could be several in… Read more »

“Let’s Be Careful That We Don’t Scare Consumers Into Non-Action On Renovations”

As aging in place professionals, we need to guard against consumers being unduly influenced by articles and news releases that scare them. In reading these articles about aging-in-place solutions, they easily can get the wrong impression that the work needed to enhance their living space is too expensive and too intense for them to consider…. Read more »

“Commencement Exercises Aren’t Just Limited To The Young Or Those In School”

This time of year, as spring draws to a close, the school year also is winding down. This means commencement exercises for many twelfth-graders, college seniors, friends and family of theirs, others who may be involved in graduating from a grade or course of study, and faculty and staff of those schools.  Commencement is a… Read more »

“We’re Halfway Through A Very Important Month For Aging-In-Place’

Two weeks ago, as the month of May began, we noted all of the important distinctions and observances this month has and how that resonates with us as aging-in-place professionals and providers. So far this month, and for the remainder of it, we are observing “National Home Remodeling Month.” Aging in place frequently involves remodeling of… Read more »

“Add An Auxiliary Dwelling Unit To The Backyard As An Aging-In-Place Strategy”

At a time when many adults are needing to take care of their aging parents, and conversely when aging parents want to be closer to their families and grandchildren, a solution that is becoming quite popular is the auxiliary dwelling unit (“ADU”), tiny home, transitional home, or granny-pod – various names for essentially the same… Read more »

“Nearly Every Home Can Benefit From An Accessibility Makeover, But …”

There aren’t very many homes that couldn’t stand to have some improvements done to them to assist in visitability or accessibility. That’s the good news for aging-in-place providers. The flip side is that there is a large resistance and reluctance to undertake this work – for several reasons. Because the overwhelming number of people are… Read more »

“So, Where Do We Begin On Doing A Kitchen Remodel?”

Kitchen remodels are very popular because kitchens are the principal focus of a floor plan. Whether someone is shopping for an existing home or a new home, the kitchen is one of the areas in the home that receives the most focus and attention. Over the years, kitchens have been a prominent area in the… Read more »

“Charities & Thrift Store Need Saleable Items, Not Our Junk”

No matter when we do our cleaning, organizing, and throwing out – or help our clients do the same – we have to be careful that we are being productive. It doesn’t matter whether it’s spring cleaning, seasonal cleaning, fall cleaning, first-Saturday-of-the-month cleaning or once-a-year cleaning, it needs to be done, but there is a… Read more »

“If We Don’t Want Our Junk, Does Anyone Else Want Or Need It?”

Spring cleaning is a real event. It happens every year although there is no official beginning or end or any definition as to what constitutes it. It is just a time of opening up the windows after a winter of being closed in and letting the fresh air invade the home a fill it with… Read more »

“A Person’s Next Home, Whether New Or Existing, May Be Their Last One”

It’s entirely possible that we, or someone we know, or someone we may eventually work with as an aging in place client, might be purchasing their last home. This is not meant to be a dire prediction because that age really has nothing to do with it. It just means that people are selecting their… Read more »