“Coffee Is As Close To A Perfect Beverage As We Can Find”

Over the past few years, there have been several studies on coffee. Initially, I think the research was an attempt to prove that it was harmful to consume and to dissuade people from using it. Nevertheless, the results cited several health benefits from coffee consumption. Not long after that, a second and then a third… Read more »

“Hiring Someone As An Independent Contractor May Not Be So Simple”

With Tax Day just around the corner, it’s appropriate to look at who is treated as an employee and who can qualify as an independent contractor. As an employer, it may be advantageous to treat people as independent contractors and have them take care of their federal tax burden. This saves you time, money, accounting,… Read more »

“‘Whatever It Takes’ Sounds Like A Good Strategy, But …”

Many people are committed to solving problems or finding ways to get ahead in their business. They are dedicated to succeeding and are quite diligent about making things happen. When asked what they are willing to do to be successful, they reply “whatever it takes.” On the surface, this sounds like a great response – people… Read more »

“Listening Between The Lines For More Effective Communication”

We know how important listening is for communication in general. It’s even more important for understanding the needs of our aging in place clients and consumers while we are meeting with them in their homes or speaking with them on the phone before meeting with them because the interaction time is condensed. Sometimes we have… Read more »

“Connecticut CAPS Classes Well-Attended & Well-Received”

We just finished offering the three-days of classes for the CAPS (Certified Aging In Place Specialist)) designation in Hartford, Connecticut at the New England Assistive Technology (“NEAT”) Center at Oak Hill. Except for a little snow and cooler than normal weather, it was great. The warm exchange in the classroom and the facility more than… Read more »

“Saying ‘No’ Is Helpful In Another Way For Our Business”

Yesterday, we talked about the importance – and necessity – of being able to say “no” occasionally to people as a strategic response for undue requests on our time. It is so easy to agree to serve on committees or to attend an organizational or other type of meeting – often as a favor to… Read more »

“Our Ears Are An Extremely Valuable Assessment Tool Also”

We already looked at how vital our observations are in doing an aging in place evaluation or assessment. As we visit the potential client’s home and look around us to learn what is going on in the home and with the client and any other occupants of their home – renter or owner – we… Read more »

“Celebrating The OT During Occupational Therapy Month”

Each April, we celebrate Occupational Therapy Month. This is the special time when we recognize the role and the achievements of occupational therapists (“OTs”) for working with people who require some modifications or considerations to help them remain in the current homes. OTs, along with other health care professionals (HCPs) such as PTs, are valuable throughout the… Read more »