“Our Ears Are An Extremely Valuable Assessment Tool Also”

We already looked at how vital our observations are in doing an aging in place evaluation or assessment. As we visit the potential client’s home and look around us to learn what is going on in the home and with the client and any other occupants of their home – renter or owner – we… Read more »

“Celebrating The OT During Occupational Therapy Month”

Each April, we celebrate Occupational Therapy Month. This is the special time when we recognize the role and the achievements of occupational therapists (“OTs”) for working with people who require some modifications or considerations to help them remain in the current homes. OTs, along with other health care professionals (HCPs) such as PTs, are valuable throughout the… Read more »

“Our Eyes Are Crucial Tools For Effective Assessments”

To begin an aging in place renovation or remodeling so that we can determine what is appropriate to recommend or suggest to our potential clients – regardless of how simple or extensive the work needs to be – an evaluation or assessment is the place to start. We need to learn what is going on… Read more »

Let’s Set The Example And Clean & Organize Our Home First”

The idea of spring cleaning seems to come right along with the season. Spring signals a rebirth, a fresh start, a clean slate, and a good feeling. So, it’s natural that we want to do a little sprucing up to translate that good feeling and freshness into a cleaner, more organized home. We start with… Read more »

“Paint Is A Wonderful Aging-In-Place Tool”

Paint has a magical quality that can help us transform any space or object into something new – even when the item being painted is not changed other than in the way it looks and makes us feel. Ever notice how a fresh coat of paint on a wall or on a piece of furniture… Read more »

“Turning Our Back On Winter For Several Months”

Wintertime is all but over no matter where someone lives. It still might be cooler than we like it to be, but all signs point to spring and a change in how people use their homes. We have closed the book on the whole first quarter of the year, and it’s on to spring and then… Read more »

“Our Remodeling Customers Have Home Field Advantage”

In basketball, football, and baseball, among other sports – at the high school, college, or even the professional level – much is made about having home field advantage where the team just seem to play better. They are comfortable with the setting, and the fans are quite supportive. When other teams come into that stadium… Read more »

“Personal Safety Is A Concern That Needs To Be Considered”

One of the challenges we face in doing home renovations and remodeling – particularly for aging in place solutions and with older clients – is their concern for their personal safety. We need to be aware of this and come prepared to the initial meeting to reassure them that we have taken extra steps to… Read more »

“Sometimes Things Just Show Up At Your Door”

Opportunities come in many sizes – some big, some little, some in-between. Some are new business directions – good or not, and some are new ways to promote your business or generate new leads.This falls into the category of business promotion and marketing. I was not expecting this, and I did not seek it out… Read more »