“A Referral Is A Reward For Good Service”

When we meet a potential customer or client and treat them well, when we actually make a sale and perform the contracted service well, or just when we engage someone we know personally, we have the opportunity to generate a referral for our business. Referrals aren’t automatic when we do a good job, and some… Read more »

“Is It Any Wonder Our Hearing Suffers As We Age?”

As aging in place professionals, being aware of and being prepared to work with reduced hearing over time is an important factor of our business. Just normal living takes its toll on our senses, but hearing is constantly bombarded – often by sounds and noise levels that we can’t easily control. Each person is going… Read more »

“What’s In A Door?”

Ever think about a door? I mean really consider its function and style? Doors keep people out of homes, businesses, rooms, and other places where we don’t want people to enter without permission. When they are locked, the message is quite clear. Conversely, doors (when they are unlocked and open freely) allow people to enter… Read more »

“How’s That Profile Picture Working For You?”

Gone are the days when we would schedule time in a photo studio and have a “sitting” with the photographer to take a series of formal poses that supposedly made us look natural. Then they were airbrushed to take out any small facial blemishes and make our teeth look good. Fine for displaying but hardly… Read more »

“Just When It Seemed LED Lighting Was The Answer …”

For as far back as we can remember, incandescent lighting was the way homes were illuminated. Businesses had fluorescent tubing, and some use of fluorescent fixtures was found in homes – particularly in closets, laundry rooms, garages, and basements. Halogen lighting seemed like it was going to offer a good alternative – and it did… Read more »

“Universal Design Is More Than A Label”

Universal design was quantified in 1997 by the Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University with their seven principles of universal design. It had been around unofficially much earlier, but now had concepts that people could refer to and agree upon. Unlike aging in place, which is strictly residential in scope and application,… Read more »